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The Climate Crisis
is a Human Crisis

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Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and displacement is one of its most devastating consequences.

The climate crisis is driving displacement and making life harder for those already forced to flee. We must act now to support those most in need to resist the increasing violence of this climate crisis.

Globally, conflict and persecution have forced 82 million people to flee their homes – 80 per cent of those come from countries on the frontlines of the climate emergency. Over the last ten years, weather related disasters has caused an average of 24.5 million people to flee their homes each year. And they are intensifying. Wildfires, flooding and droughts are wiping out homes, disrupting food security and destroying livelihoods.

The climate crisis is a human crisis.

You can make a difference. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is working right now on the ground protecting families and helping to support, prevent, prepare and build resilience in the face of this emergency. But we need support from people like you to stand with us and show the governments of the world climate change must be taken seriously.

Add your name to UNHCR’s petition to demand governments urgently promote measures to combat climate change. Raise your voice. We cannot afford to wait. Sign now.

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